J Church

J Church - Smoke In My Face lyrics

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I don't drink everything, She won't stop at anything, She won't wait for me, I don't smoke anything, I don't mind living at her place, I don't mind her smoke in my face She helped me move out of Hollywood, She gave me the reason, That I would leave for good I saw the scar from when she tried to shoot herself, The bullet passed through her arm, I can't change anything, But her sadness and her pain somehow drew my cruelty We grew apart every time she cried, I would always hold her, But it always felt like a lie, She left town, Formal goodbyes, Same old speech, I blew my last chance, Fucked apology, It don't mean anything, Rest my feet, Kingsley Street, I knew we couldn't stay in touch, I knew it could never be love

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