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J Church - Katrina And Paul lyrics

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They used to live across the hall from me in Hollywood, She waited tables somewhere off of Sunset, He worked when he could, She dealt with pricks from 10 to 6 and then drank it off her mind, He would spend pathetic days in standing in welfare lines I remember when she told me that she wanted to leave it behind, "Kill this fucking city" and lead a life of crime He smoked his cigarette until his hands were yellow, And at times the men on the bus, they were more than she could handle, His mom would call and tell him he was nothing, At times he thought she was right, "Let's go out for Chinese food, I don't wanna cook tonight", There are times I would hear them cry themselves to sleep, Other times it was crazy laughter and that thought I'll keep And I wish there was something else I could say, So much loneliness it will not go away, My one regret that's at this time, To be at the wrong place at the wrong time, Another place, another time

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