J Church

J Church - A Well Earned Reputation lyrics

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I take the PATH to the city, The other three take the chance to sleep, Lack of the same and I feel shitty, My commute turns to a creep, I walk in crowds on dirty streets, Lack of sleep and swear it burns my eyes, That's when I get that certain feeling, Culture shock is only certain surprise I've been prepared for another world, Next stop is a party girl, Her gravity is a trashy suction, And she needs no introduction, I get lost in a humid space, If I can just find St. Mark's Place, Hey, it's all going down tonight, Junkie chic has earned the right Summer's late and so am I, I sweat down to my toes, New York City unrefined to my too eager pose, No time here for naiveté, It drowns in overstimulation, Kim's Underground and so blasé, Suggests a well earned reputation

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