J-black - Buy You Some Gum lyrics

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<b>Buy You Some Gum</b> by <i>J-black</i><br />

Baby girl, what's your name

Neva mind dat cause yo breath stink

I roll with the crew so what's poppin

I tried to holla at ya but your breath was rockin

I hope you know gum aint that cheap

7 11 girl is open all week

You can try winterfresh

I prefer trident

Just chew some fucken gum

Cause your breath smell like ****


Buy you some gum

Oooo weee

Imma bring some gum with me

Cause yo breath stink

Shorty whatchu think bout that

Be in yo face like

Be in yo face like

Ugh ugh...

Up in yo face like

Ugh ugh...

(Verse 2)

Look don't talk to me cause I'm not gon' talk back

Heres a piece of gum

Damn, heres the whole pack

Yo breath stink, aint no way

Smell like you haven't brush yo teeth in days

Take some floss, pull it out (now floss it out)

Just like that, that what I'm talkin bout

We coulda have fun, but first chew some fucken gum

Cause we all know that yo breath is done


(Verse 3)

Now let me take you to the dentist

Lets discuss business

You says you wanna chill but your breath is on a mission

Certified negative 3, your breath is on E

5 sticks of gum, 4 for you and 1 for me!

Lovin body language I love the conversation

Open yo mouth got a tingling sensation

And you just ate chips now you says you in the mood

All up in my face god damn you really rude (you really rude)

In J-Black crib the crew switch gears whisper in my ear

Hair hit the chandelier

The smell of yo breath is all in the atmosphere

Imma let jblaq see so he can make it clear


Thanks to Potentialjr15 for correcting these lyrics

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