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J Beale - Unforgettable lyrics

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Somebody please tell me exactly what love is

Cause I don’t know if this is true

You thing I’ve been cheating I might just prove you right

Cause I am tired of your games and this shit right here

Tonight you’re standing calling my name

And shorty is crazy cause I wanna go

I thought you were the one

I could go right into the city with my niggers ..

Rap about the past and .. bitches that wanna blow

The night is young but moving fast

All these niggers in your face open for you to crash

I sit and laugh and I learn it couldn’t have came at a better time

They say I am gone you ain’t never lie.. like a song

But I wanna hear your respond

Until I get to number one

Will you hate it or love it

Lord I hope they love it

Cause I have been working too hard

And this feeling deep in my stomach


I just really hoping

You will come in


In my town I am an underground legend

Can’t wait to dig my way out

Ruffle my sex and bitch

Cause I am the flyest nigger in the state

But they love me from the covers .. to the gates

Look something happened while I was gone

.. was super strong got me thinking about life

I got to be moving wrong

Still sitting at the crib .. every moment

Every song I got fans all around the world

Is that why you .. when I stand around your girl

Is that .. tripping nigger …

For real all this commotion over …

It won’t be long before we shake hands


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