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J Beale - Bizzle lyrics

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I was working through the mall

Seen a bunch of bitches

If I want them all

I will need all your …

Baby girl I am paying

My swagger is official

Got this funny feeling

Like I am about to make it

All over the world

I would like to see all them haters like

Girl bizzle bizzle weasel weasel

Never break a sweat

Cause my money ain’t an issue

Clean that .. never that

A hundred dollar tissue

.. knows Jackson

Wipe my ass with Benjamin

Been on ..

I can fed you and your friends

All my way to atomic meals .. low

I stop by to get your name

Haters get a photo

See the logo

Draw it baby all day

What you want now

I was doing that on group A



air force one

I ain’t rocking .. since I was Bow Wow height

You don’t .. look alike cause those bitches won’t holler

I can act and let the .. think twice nigger

Get to change up

Here is my pay cheque

For every lesson

Cause your clothes is depressing

I’ll be fresh like a brize

Going on the fees

Polo ..


First class …

Baby I am a bowler

Body like a bottle .. coca Cola

Every time I show of

Damn bitches roll of

Can we get your autograph

We know you’re about to blow of

You know us

We’re gonna go shut it down

.. get smack

Blow a stack

They get to studio and get it like that

.. they will never leave me lonely

They’ll do anything for me

Thinking I am getting money

That’s a baloney



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