Iwrestledabearonce - Wade in the Water

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Ride right here in water

Ride right here and then come into wools

Roll on and get so scrub

Right when I fall it back, fall above

Do it now the rise

Rise above it all, I want track

Right, bang it all, let go, ten fight

Now we’re on, let go your ball

Let go and get force

No one will be there

Then look at you more

Fight what you want to win

Wide out and win all

Let go and broke the chains

Let’s go and break away

Lie on, it’s time for bang

Don’t pull all that got

No helpin’ for us

They look at you right and get right above you

Ride and don’t know where to do to

Get all changes and bang with

They can’t explore all of you

They should get on the right tone x 2

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