Iwrestledabearonce - Green Eyes

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Go! I am your lover and I

Lie at the end of the rug

Liar, you've broken a fool

Liar, your scrotum I crush

It's your last goodbye

I may have to take it a step

Unless they had son

The trail of snow has burned

You don't have to tie your bolts and run

The bandit straight up, together we roam

You did something with moves

Which you could see


Ignite all the door block

Lay your eyes flat down

Bossed up behind it

Lay down with your eyes at the floor, hoe!

Hueva! Your power


Your flower! Burn! Yeah, burn!

Flower, poison

You crumble

You crumble

Liar! Lost control!


You can turn to the rules

And see that they're swollen with poison

Would you still love them?

Would you still love them?

And if you only knew

How they tie a noose around your neck?

Would you still love them?

Would you still...

Would you still... love...

Would you still love them?

No! No-one obey, they fall!

Fall on the crumbled floor!

I won't let go by default

Wallow the _______(?) around

Back your fall on the rope

Wake up and die

You can turn to the rules

Would you still..

Would you still

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