Iwrestledabearonce - Erase It All

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Now it’s time for bail

Let’s stay calm and have the right rise on

Let’s stay calm and have it right on

Go and don’t let

Have it all in

Have it, don’t let it go

Bang it all out, now I have faith

Now get on ice

Won’t ball out for our rest

Get and wrap all

Down the war and fight vibration

Right and get rather explore

They bent on that floor

They get fall wild

Get that all, and prepare to check it out

Now we saw it all now

I let go, there you go

[Now don’t get it, no, don’t come it

Will fall and just get upright] x 3

Bang it all for that right

They’ll bust up and chop it out

Low get back, lied all in spot

And wide up in truck

We’ll get hard and beat it all

Fire, faster x 2


Perfect fire x 3

That got broke

Set and hire x 2

Go down the fire

You load on top of journey

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