Iwrestledabearonce - Doomed to Fall (Pt. 1)

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Lay now all to be enough

Lay out and chop it off

Lay after party went behind

You like your direction

You want now to discover

Lay now and get cover

What do we have for now?

Like what’ll fdie for

It’s like I’ll die in here

Look back and see it all

Let’s make that curse

Do now all

All that bang it all

Down will bang it now

Have it now like Hell

That’s need to break

That war needs to stop

Arrive now in

They all on fight and will bang now all

Left and fall shout

Will get now and fall

Right now I want somehin’ more

I want some more

What are you bangin’, trap it now

Dust and bang it right

Down fall when you walk

Down fall and shout you right

Where I desire to die, I want to die right

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