Iwrestledabearonce - Curse the Spot

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Have the life I want for

Livin’ and havin’ all

Fly and I’ll take, livin’ all that want

You want and ball you ever want

You find it right, let’s get it now,

Don’t stop, bang now

Til the dust got a problem

Bang now in war, it’s time to get cold

Time right , I’ll fall and bang it now

Now I wanna ask why

Day get night now

Dark side so right

Why you get just for the white

Don’t try to bang along

Wild on all from the start

Ride out and fall it right

Lay down for the memory

Light down for misery

How you stop and bang for

You walk on fire

Drive wild and not have nothin’ to fall

Right down to have some right

Raise all, and die

Right now will get all you worth

Let go now now I am

Light, light need to stop

Like I’m on Earth

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