Iwrestledabearonce - Carbon Copy

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Stay there on line, stay here on line

You lined up right and pass out the line

Then why you get that straight out?

Let go, let go, let go now

Let’s go your heart

Let go your soul

Let all on your spine

Lye up, lye up,

That will fall under

Wake up on, lie on and get thunder

Lie when will be burn

Lie it all, lie

Take it on, take it on

Let, let, let it go

Line on part, let go and let this go you far

Sit here and roll it up, lay it up now

Will be now just right

Right now, chasin’ on and let it go

I don’t know why will get this so far

Right and fall it right

Right on, right on, just go apart

Just watch it down

Enjoy this stop, let’s fall far, far, far

Let’s fall right, right, right

Get and let go

That’s right, let it go now

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