Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan

Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan - Who Built The Road

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Who built the road That left in my self esteem Twisted and crunched Black metal and bones Who passed the buck Who pressed flesh to yours Spilling like wine And sweeter than tears (Oh, I'll do more than survive With trembling visions that Terrify) So who built the road Who turned it all around Picked through the wreck Scrambled in the dust So who built the road Who was the foolish one Stepped out of time Two hearts in the fire Who lit the touch Who fanned the flame With sparks in the dust Spent rivers of desire (Oh, why don't we learn from mistakes We stumble along with so many more to make) So who built the road Who could foresee The answers we sought Were many miles to go Lah lah... We were so lonely at times Fading away Sitting side by side Now we built the road We were the chain gang We crossed that at war The devil at my side Dark angel within The ever lasting fire Lah lah...

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