Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Never Say Die

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[Words & Music by Sielck]

[Like the Jaws of Hell the burning gate glows in unholy light. What horror lies beyond this rip in the continuum? The crewmen know that it is not likely to return, but never say die...]

I am your leader

I'm in command

The fate of all my followers

Lies in my hand

The burdon of what is right or wrong

Decisions have to be made

I have to take you all

Inside this burning gate

Will we ever come back

Follow me now

We will attack

Never say die

On wings of hope we'll fly

Never surrender

No never - never say die

Dragons of light

We're leaving tonight

The wings of hope bring us high

Never say die

Fighters are launching up into the sky

On fire they ride

Goddess of fate

Guide and protect us tonight

Into darkness and shadow

So far beyond

Oh, I don't know

If there will be tomorrow

Never say die...

Warriors hear my call

The Evil has to fall

[SOLO Piet - Kai - Piet - Kai - both]

Will we ever come back

We're going beyond

Follow me now

We will attack

Never say die...

Never say - never say - never say die!

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