IRON MAIDEN - The Prisoner lyrics

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(smith/harris)<br><br>On the run kill to eat<br>You're starving now you're dead on your feet<br>Going all the way nature's beast<br>Do what I want as I please<br><br>Run fight to breathe it's tough<br>Now you see me now you don't<br>Break the walls I'm coming out<br><br>Not a prisoner I'm a free man<br>And my blood is my own now<br>Don't care where the past was<br>I know where I'm going ... out<br><br>If you kill me it's self defence<br>If I kill you then I call it vengeance<br>Spit in your eye I will defy<br>You'll be afraid when I call out your name<br><br>I'm not a number I'm a free man<br>I'll live my life how I want to<br>You'd better scratch me from your black book<br>Cos I'll run rings round you

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