IRON MAIDEN - The Aftermath lyrics

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Silently to silence fall

In the fields of futile war

Toys of death are spitting lead

Where boys that were our soldiers bled

war horse and war machine

Curse the name of liberty

Marching on as if they should

Mix in the dirt our brothers' blood

In the mud and rain

What are we fighting for

Is it worth the pain is it worth dying for

Who will take the blame

Why did they make a war

Questions that come again

Should we be fighting at all

Once a ploughman hitched his team

Here he sowed his little dream

Now bodies arms and legs are strewn

Where mustard gas and barbwire bloom

Each moment's like a year

I've nothing left inside for tears

Comrades dead or dying lie

I'm left alone asking why

After the war

Left feeling no one has won

After the war

What does a soldier become

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