IRON MAIDEN - Age Of Innocence lyrics

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I can't be compromising in my thoughts no more I can't prevent the times my anger fills my heart I can't be sympathizing with a new lost cause I feel I've lost my patience with the world and all And all the politicians and their hollow promises And all the lies, deceit and shame that goes with it The working man pays everything for their mistakes And with his life too if there was to be a war [Chorus:] So we can only get one chance, can we take it? And we only got one life, can't exchange it Can we hold on to what we have, don't replace it The age of innocence is fading like an old dream A life of petty crime gets punished with a holiday The victims' mind are scarred for life most everyday Assailants know just how much further they can go They know the laws are soft, conviction chances low [Repeat chorus] You can't protect yourselves even in your own home For fear of vigilante cries, the victims wipe their eyes So now the criminal they launch right in our face Judical system lets them do it, a disgrace Despondent public worries, where it will all end? We can't protect ourselves, our kids from the crime trend We cannot even warn each other of evil in our midst They have more rights than us, you cannot call that just [Repeat chorus]

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