Invicta - Axeman's Altar

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here was a place where people could listen though wind and trees

This was a place where people could set their minds at ease

Feeling the fire of love and desire it burns your eyes

Cry as a part of life fades as we watch it die

Here we met our friends, burned there through the night

Here we laughed and cried, held our rites

In moonlight we played and sang out songs

In darkness we prayed that we'll be strong

Standing for honor, life for death

Sacrifice must take every breath

Don't you use ignorance as an excuse

Don't try to hide from your soul it's no use

Open your brain and accept what's inside

Don't fear your feelings, it's part of the ride

I look back on the days I have seen

I think of my world turning grey from green

I ponder things to come, seeing pain and fun

Something distant screams, were the ones

Axeman's Altar, now is dust in the wind

Axeman's Altar, no repentance for sin

Axeman's Altar just a memory now

No more Altar, an example of how

Man breaks and takes what he cannot enjoy

Men will waste anything for a new toy

Man steps on man when the going gets tough

Man looks to god when man isn't enough

Now they have taken the Altar away

I watched them destroy the stone day by day

No place is left for our children to play

Oh why have they taken my Altar away?

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