Inuyasha - Change The World (English, Tv Size)

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I want to change the world

Keep on holding on your desire

You will get that shining love

That you can't wait to know

If you go on to get your goal

It's wonderland!

I felt so worried when I spout all the time

After all, the future's not lost

Because I know that there's nothing that I really want to know.

And that I met you so I could feel

What you should know

I finally find a love

And now I'm really feeling her right

'Cause the matter is gone

This is the way to love you!

I want to change the world!

Walk again, never miss the way

Don't be afraid, I'm with you

And we could fly away

If you could stay with me forever

Change my mind!

Won't get lost if your passion's true

I'm gonna fly with you again

So you could spread your wings

And you could fly with me away

It's wonderland!

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