Into The Woods

Into The Woods - Ever After

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And it came to pass, all that seemed wrong<br />

Was now right and those who deserved to<br />

Were certain to live a long and happy life<br />

Ever after, ever after<br />

<br />

Journey over, all is mended<br />

And it's not just for today<br />

But tomorrow and extended<br />

Ever after, ever after<br />

<br />

All the curses have been ended<br />

The reverses wiped away<br />

All is tenderness and laughter<br />

For forever after<br />

<br />

Happy now and happy hence<br />

And happy ever after<br />

<br />

There were dangers<br />

We were frightened<br />

And confusions<br />

But we hid it<br />

<br />

And the paths would often swerve<br />

We did not<br />

There were constant<br />

It's amazing<br />

<br />

Disillusions<br />

That we did it<br />

But they never lost they're nerve<br />

Not a lot<br />

And we reached the right conclusions<br />

And we got what they, we deserved<br />

<br />

Not a sigh and not a sorrow<br />

Tenderness and laughter<br />

Joy today and bliss tomorrow<br />

And forever after<br />

<br />

I was greedy<br />

I was vain<br />

I was haughty<br />

I was smug, we were happy<br />

<br />

It was fun<br />

But we were blind<br />

Then we went into the woods<br />

To get our wish and now we're really blind<br />

<br />

I was perfect<br />

I had everything but beauty<br />

I had power<br />

And a daughter like a flower in a tower<br />

<br />

Then I went into the woods<br />

To get my wish<br />

And now I'm ordinary<br />

Lost my power and my flower<br />

<br />

We're unworthy<br />

We're unhappy now, unhappy hence<br />

As well as ever after<br />

Had we used our common sense<br />

<br />

Been worthy of our discontents<br />

We'd be happy<br />

<br />

To be happy and forever<br />

You must see your wish come true<br />

Don't be careful, don't be clever<br />

When you see your wish, pursue<br />

<br />

It's a dangerous endeavor<br />

But the only thing to do<br />

Though it's fearful<br />

Though it's deep, though it's dark<br />

<br />

And though you may lose your path<br />

Though you may encounter wolves<br />

You mustn't stop, you mustn't swerve<br />

You mustn't ponder, you have to act<br />

<br />

When you know your wish<br />

If you want your wish<br />

You can have your wish<br />

No, to get your wish<br />

<br />

You go into the woods where nothing's clear<br />

Where witches, ghosts and wolves appear<br />

Into the woods and through the fear<br />

You have to take the journey<br />

<br />

Into the woods and down the dell<br />

In vain, perhaps, but who can tell?<br />

Into the woods to lift the spell<br />

Into the woods to lose the longing<br />

<br />

Into the woods to have the child<br />

To wed the Prince, to get the money<br />

To save the house, to kill the Wolf<br />

To find the father, to conquer the kingdom<br />

<br />

To have, to wed, to get, to save<br />

To kill, to keep, to go to the festival<br />

Into the woods, into the woods<br />

Into the woods, then out of the woods<br />

<br />

And happy ever after

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