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[Drop-Down Instrumental}

I said, this is my crew A Effecting Beat !!

you kno we tha top dat's the way it's gon' be

latinos rappin you know Im three-D

Mexican,Columbian,Boricua we'z all three:

Yo we the kings ,bitchs cant yall see:

I'm good in err' hood, err' body know me:

Ya kno we the kings 'N ya kno we aint dreamin':

Yeah we hot but we dont be leanin':

Yeah, Lookin' fly but ya dont see us ballin':

Wanted out here, but ya dont see us runnin':

And I don't make raps,for those fake bitchs:

They don't understand 'cause they ain't muthafuckin' lyrics:

And dont fuck up cuz we gotta fuckin thug:

Keep ya mouths' shut,I'm still a mothafuckin’ blood:

Now, the question is - IS THIS NIGGA REALLY RAP?:

And they tell you - CAN THAT KID AINT EVEN BLACK?

Yall bitch's waste hits, yall crackers waste beats

And you'll be Goddamn if you get on my streets

One getting money is like Oprah goin BROKE

No ones laughin then ya kno it aint a JOKE

I'm THREE-D and yea i got dropped

all those three times i went back to tha top


What else I'm gon' say ya already kno we the kings

In rap I'm tha game see if ya can take it

ya can't play it

Did What I did lifes a struggle

So I thru to tha pot and watch it bubble

Wussuh! (Let's go)


ya kno who

keppin it gangstas

ya'll kno how we do it

keppin it gangstas

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