INSPECTAH DECK - Serious Rappin'

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INS, your highness

He returns, the revolution, will not be televised

It will be taken to your front door

Brace yourself

It's the aura, don't break or take orders

I drink holy water, they follow me like the Torah

Getting tore up, for months, out in Europe

Deck told me, Term, you're up, don't curl up

We making cheddar out there, smoking on some leather couches

Stretching ounces, been about this bread, baking coke mountains

From Law Town to Staten, to Boston to Manhattan

This is what you call serious rappin'

The serial scratcher, murder materialism ratchet

Fearing the blackness, til your soul drift in where you passing

I gotta be a thug angel, smoking angel dust

Who can I trust, I'm a bust til my stainless rust

The devil harm me til my pillow soaking wet and steaming

I see the demons, they creeping in my biblical teaching

So just remember if I'm next to split, catch a clip

Catch a ditch that I wreck the shit with Inspectha Deck

"INS, your highness"


"Planet Asia Medallions"

"Murder rap, spray at your dome"

"Serial scratcher, murder material"

"Murderous math"

"Catch a clip"

"My turn is right"

"Catch a clip"



"Planet Asia Medallions"

"This is what you call serious rappin'"

I'm cold blooded like Rick in his time, you can see me prime time

At the top spot, sitting with shine

I leave 'em froze like they sniffing a line, while they bitching and crying

You find me always in position to climb

I swing like Serena, hard as Medina, we can be the beast to

Keep mamacitas moy bonita

I breath ether, 103 fever

Spread through receivers, infect the true believers

Murder rap spray at your dome (Killers don't lurk there)

Killa likes hang up the phone

He a gangsta, claiming he bold, real loud with the crowd

But I doubt you can bang on your own

I earn my stripes, I burn for life, I turn your wife

My turn is right, you heard me right

I learn to fight, I work the night, I splurge the price

I swerve on bikes, my word, I"m nice

Yo, seen it all scenery, post-war poison taste basil

Meanwhile, casino we was gambling

Multi cigar scent drench, cake splashing

That's my alibi, to outfits flavors, so taste fashion

Handmade hankerchiefs, bottles popping but I don't drink

Fuck it, since we celebrating I'm a take a sip

Black down, couple of killas who never back down

Choppa clappa mack splash, burgendy backgrounds

And stiching a tradition that's passed down

Murderous math, watch me duffle bag a couple of stacks now

At the bottom with mean face, bottling anger

Til I got woken out of that dream state

Reality is a must, my doo-rag dynasty is to gold rush

Gold Chain Military's the soldiers

Low and behold us, the poisonous ring promoters of the cobra

Planet Asia Medallions, the fucking shogun

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