Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wounded

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You, the walking wounded

You, the hopeless victim

You, who craved new feelings

Risked it all to get them

I thought you may be stronger

Thought your fight was greater

When I watched you falling

How I pitied what you were

I could have made you whole

instead you gave in

Now I'll leave you lying pale and wounded

Thought you may be worthy

I thought your soul was brighter

Hoped we'd share forever

Dreamt of flying with you

I saw you had some spirit

Saw the spark of fire

Tasted only water

Left you drowning on the floor

Barely walking wounded

Barely walking wounded

Wounds of apathy and

Wounds that should have healed

I have loved you briefly

I have given freely

You denied me your trust

I shed no tears for you

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