Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus - Woman To Hare

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Woman to cat to hare and back

Woman to cat to hare

I shall go with care

A woman with power may fool a man

As a hare I shall go from his sight

To most anywhere

Racing with the wind behind me

Chasing 'cross the fields of green

Running with the speed a hare can

Never shall this hare be seen

A woman, not a hare, shall snare a man

But the hare and the cat shall know

Where'er he's at

His secrets and his solitude shall not be his

For a man with a plan and a mind

I wish not to find

I have watched many men in their beds as they lie

As a cat I have sat and I know

What I should not know

They may think they are strong and are brave and they rule this world

But with quiet and with magick and with hare

They do not compare

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