Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wild Hunt

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Herne, Herne, Herne, Herne!

Come with bright eyes a-flashing

Come with your dark hounds crashing

Come rend the sky asunder

Come with the rain and thunder

Break all that lies before you

Take all that dies around you

Ride with the Hounds of Hell

Fly with the Hounds of Hell

Take me to the Wild Hunt

Break me with the Wild Chase

Take me with the Wild Hunt

Take me riding wildly with the Wild Hunt now

In darkest green you move now

With oak and ash and thorn now

The cloak that's swathed around you

Denies I've finally found you

I've sought your untamed beauty

Within the hearts of men

I've found both love and cruelty

In equal parts within

Come with those bright eyes flashing

And with your hounds a-crashing

I feel I've always known you

Tho' none would ever own you

Proud Herne to ride beside you

And leave the dying day

But who knows who is hunted

And who shall be the prey?

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