Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus - Love Poltergeist

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See you has been waiting though thousan years

See you deadly moster and the sun of all the feels

Lost all in sand, is upon of human ...

Lord rather send from the electric sky

Did I colape with the dancer fire

Lost one again to a enemy and desire

Thou I can’t get high, we’ll take it beyond the page

Though this sweat through the tears

Underneeth was someone grace

I fly a ...shall be upon my name?

Once more the great reveal

One more it must reveal

Come and rive they like mean

Come on by upon the storm

Done it right untill the bone

And you’ll be rising aford

Those come arive, those come arive

Those come arive

And chatter over dead

The dizeler aford tonight

For undone of our life

Far and taste all the poltergeist love

Don’t close your eyes

From the eyes she’s the dead I’m the dust

Don’t close your eyes

From beyond it’s stuck on bones

Said that in a dark desire

Don’t close your eyes

I’ll touch the sacrifice

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