Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus - Love Eternal

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ove, fire of love

Burn ever higher

Love, fire of love

Feed my desire

Love, fire of love

Born of my sighing

You are my daylight

You my endless night

You are my firelight

You the stars so bright

You are what's yet to be

You are my memory

In war and raging sea

You will defend me

Love, fire of love

Stay close beside me

Burning inside me

Love, fire of love

Give and take freely

Love, fire of love

Never deceive me

Love ascending

Love eternal

Love transcending

Life (it can never die)

Love and laughter

Pain and sorrow

Love lives after

Life... and death

Take me with you

We have forever

In love, we two

We'll be together

Wrapped in your arms

I am much braver

With strength and charm

You are my savior

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