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Inkubus Sukkubus - Lily Bolane

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Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane.

Lily Bolane is a witch with no shame

Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane,

She'll catch you and curse you and craze you with pain

A figure of hate,a figure of fear

You cross yourself, pray and hope Mary can hear

Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane

She's wretched and twisted and ugly and lame

Spit in her path, laugh at her name

Despise and torment her again and again

You laugh when she's gone, you shake when she's near

You're brave with your friends though you're spinelss with fear

Lily Bolane (x4)

Call her a witch, call her a freak

Knock on her door when the hag is asleep

Hate with a passion, dread but deny

You're scared of her magick, you think she can fly

Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane

Lily Bolane has to carry the blame

Call her a crone, accuse her of all

Escape her revenge, shut and batten your door

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