InkMonstarr - Vacation

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ft. Kirko Bangz

(Hook: InkMonstarr)

I tell you everything I’m goin’ throw

I know it’s early but ii trust you

I’m like everybody but you

Hey showty you my vacation

Oh yeah, say showty you my vacation

Ooh yeah, you my new inspiration

We go there and I give you dedication

Hey showty you my vacation

(Verse: Kirko Bangz)

Showty you was my London, showty you was my Paris

Makin’ stop doin’ cleaver

Got me thinkin’ bout marriage

Ain’t gotta think where you’ve been

Cuz girl you right on my side

I know I’m drivin’ you crazy but I know you down for the ride

Don’t think again, I know you ride for nigga

Pack your bags and find first class, go round the world in a minute

Or we can stay right here and share, and maybe fuck around for a minute

I know you wanna fuck, I know I put it down and we don’t stop til you finish

I can’t beat up in a minute ooh

(Hook: InkMonstarr)

(Verse: Kirko Bangz)

Showty you my whole wax, showty you ______(?)

When I’m out here and I’m ballin’ get your ring in the stance

You my one since day 1

Let the nigga say something

That goes right to the Gucci’s room

But you know we ain’t ralement

Late night in studio I work

When I come home I look on that curves and girl I’m sworvin’

She got class like falls back, if a nigga try behind her she fall back

Will be like hits then she__________(?)

(Hook: InkMonstarr)

(Verse: Kirko Bangz)

Wanna I’m walkin’ all day I get lonely sometimes

But when I come I look at you and I know that your mine

And when I see you, we’ll be goin’ on night

So you should call your boss and tell him you’re not be on time

(Hook: InkMonstarr)

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