Infernum - Before The Locks Of Twilight

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Key, to unlock the mind... <br />

Decorated soul, ancient and golden.<br />

Then, the feathers burn, <br />

And you've seen the Earth, afar.<br />

Now you are... what you are not... <br />

Fallen, to the sky?<br />

And nothing can unwind, <br />

The spells of this wine.<br />

So... you dine with the grey beast, <br />

And share his chalice... <br />

Dwell, in his wives' silver palace... <br />

And how you know<br />

The weight, of their arts... <br />

The depths, of their seas... <br />

The distance, of time, <br />

From your state of being, <br />

Until the Earth shall be... no more, <br />

Than a word... <br />

And the world will be reduced, <br />

To the seed... <br />

And your exhales books, <br />

For none to read... <br />

For now you bear the horns, <br />

And the Kingdom... is yours.<br />

You lift your left hand, <br />

And the stars, beg for mercy...

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