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You know...

I want 2 be a star

(I wanna I wanna ayyee)

I want to be a star

(Ayeee mama... I told u)

I want to be a

I I I want to be a star

I show shine Whereever I go

B4 The fame and now even mo

I said it once and I said it b4 I'm

I-N-D-I-G-O I got pink hair

In the night I glow

I'm a skipp back to 3 years ago

When they said I sucked and I had no flow

Watching Emeniem on the Tv show

MTV Jams on repeat yo

Dressin up as J.LO

Looking in the mirror

Know one day I'm gonna make you bigger

Actress or actor a singer or rapper

Designer watever as long as I'm getting my cheddar

Walking down the street looking so bizzare

Screaming to the world!

Gucci Bags and Big sunglasses

Washing my jackets and not the dishes

Posing for cameras and blowing kisses(muah)

@ the MTV awards flirting for drinks you'll

Make her more wants no sex and part for sure

I even teach teens just how to jerk

Running down the runway ile

I even make kids from twighlight smile

We're rolling in limos and no more bikes

I got that vibe and I got that drive

So the party won't pop until I arrive

Hanging with actors til dawn

Every single year I told my mom

I don't want no cake I don't want no car

I want 2 be a star!

I wanna I wanna ayyyee

A star

A star

A star

Flashing lights jeans tight

Lip gloss bright

I think I might rock the mic

Kill the show then bounce to the next party on Melrose

Cuhz I want to be a star

Muah I kissed the mic! HAHA ayyee mama I told u I was Gone b a star

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