Indica - Scissor, Paper, Rock

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(Scissor, Paper, Rock) . . I’m river and I’m stone I shiver but I know I’m young but oh so old . . Played scissor paper rock I’d run till I was caught Games end but nothing stops . . The rocks will turn to dust The scissor starts to rust The ink will fade with us. . . A lily builds a home It grows inside my bones Been there since I was born . . You can brood by a brook And whisper to water Don’t worry, the dawn will dry your tears See the daylight as it flows It fills the holes… and souls grow whole You can moan to the moon You can swoon in the sunset Don’t hurry, your world won’t disappear See the waves that drape the shore They fill the holes …and souls grow whole and old . . I’m drifting towards the end The sand keeps closing in But water turns the bend . . The trees reach for the sky The roots begin to dry A nest becomes a shrine

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