India.arie - Interested

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Your favorite food

What you like to do

Your favorite color

Or any other

Thing on your mind

That you'd like to share

'Cause I could stay here

And listen to your every word

Because I'm interested

Can I be an instrument

In changing your life

Is that alright?

Because I'm interested

I'd rather be with you instead

Of anyone else

Because I'm interested in your middle name

Now don't be ashamed

Its between me and you

Everything that we do

So let your guard down because

There's a new girl in town

Gonna turn it around

I hope that you are down

I'm wide open, no more secrets

No more lies

Don't wanna look like a fool

But I will

For you

So I'll beg

I'll scream (I'll beg, I'll scream, I'll call, write)

I'll call

I'll write

If that's what it takes for you to be in my life

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