X-NIGGAZ - Wake Up lyrics

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The black man in America is blind

Don't know who he is and he don't know the time

He's in the dope game with the caine and the crack, got a gat

20 sack, Benz and a Cadillac like a mack

Uhh, like a mack, uhh, like a mack

We're steady bein pimped like a trick by the devil

And doin it cos he think he can't escape from the ghetto

But if he only knew that he was a pawn in the game

Bein use to killers, people puttin that evil in they veins

He's makin them some money but it ain't funny, is it?

I wonder if he knows he's slangin that cocaine for the Grand Wizard

of the Ku Klux Klan, cos like we told you

and add it up, Uncle Sam don't give a damn

Sellin you the powder, now can you tell me how tha

hell you expect to excel

by killin the black for the green, got the white man havin fun

Givin up the machine guns

Watchin us kill each other

Fightin over *?Parkay?*, they're scared of the real butter

So don't shoot another brother today but

point that AK at the wicked wicked USA

Cos they the ones who put me thru slavery

And now them Gz wanna give them D's what they gave to me

So can you see where we're comin from?

It's just another way to try to keep, us, blind deaf and dumb


Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up - To the Eastside

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up - To the Westside

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up - To the Northside

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up - To the Southside

X-N, once again, has the flow, tellin Pharoah

to let the so-called negro G-O

Cos yo, we believe the way they treated us was evil

And they never should've messed with the chosen people

Now this is the time in history for the separation

between the two nations

And they can't fade me cos God made me

to be a X-N-I-double G-A-Z

Lazy and crazy was the way they gave thee

Raise black babies ever since the day we

was bought here in chains, over nine thousand miles

Our bodies stacked and packed in big black piles

They broke us down in the Carribean

We knew sometin wasn't right about that pale-faced European

Livin anyway in sophisticated bondage

Dyin everyday over nothin but nonsense

It's gettin worse and I don't know if it'll ever stop

Mo' brothers gettin peeled, mo' brothers gettin popped

It ain't hard to tell, yeah

that a white man's heaven is a black man's hell

So can you see where we're comin from

It's just another way to keep us all, blind, deaf and dumb


Now to the blind brothers without the power of sight

The rhyme shines bright in your mind with divine light

Deaf are the rhymes, can't hear because they fear

the sound of two X, records in they ears

And they lack the power of speech

And each time they greet or teach, they words can't reach

The gangbangers, or the drug dealers

So we grill the real deal wit skill until they feel us

Droppin this line, like bombs

>From Elijah, Mohammed and Farrakhan

The enemies wanna flex but can't win

They scared of the skin of a million black, men

In black suits and bow ties

Boots gotta spit shine, on the front line and organized

Next to us, a million black women

Soldiers, the battle ain't over, it's just beginning

No time for laughter in the last chapter

Just told of disaster of the slave master

And now we have to pay

for the masquerade, and the track we lay

For every slave, back in the days, his wicked ways

kept us in a mental grave and in amazement

But now it's a brand new day and time

And black people gotta brand new frame of mind

So can you see where we're comin from?

It's just another way to try to keep us all, blind deaf and dumb

[Chorus: to fade]

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