Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal - Survive lyrics

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Principality's a man, got you down in the mouth(?!)

You're a single grand ascent, so you can't stand out

Misery on every corner, looking for handouts

You've got people steady _____(?) you, don't know what about

Just turn your eyes to the sky and remove all doubt


If you wanna survive, if you wanna survive

Cuz they'll eat you alive, they'll eat you alive

(Verse 2)

In your heart you'll feel alright but they'll tell you wrong

The melody you orchestrate won't call it a song

You're only waitin' in vain, don't make a difference how long

They'll tell you get out the stage, but you can't hear the crowd

So stop beatin' your chest and actin' like bein' proud

If you wanna survive, if you wanna survive


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