Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal - Say The Words. (Remix) lyrics

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Say the words I love you, dear

Say the words I love you clear

Say the words so I can hear

I love you, dear in my ears


I need to know before the night gets cold

This afternoon I've got my fortune told

I've been away, oh my, and I can't hold

This feeling here, you just don't know

You think it's wrong, but I feel alright

Why don't you let me come and spend the night?

Oh, please, don't, no, don't you put up a fight

Just get outta sight, baby, I won't bite


(Verse 2)

I've been around ladies(?!) like you

Let me improve, your heart ________(?)

I promise you that I'll be cool

I'll be _____(?), I know you want me to



In my ears, in my ears

I want you to stay

I want you to stay

Say I love you, say I love you

I want you to say... I love you

I love you

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