Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal - Love Is All Around. lyrics

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Lost my mind over this one

Lost my mind over that one

I cried, that was no fun

I cried, that was no fun

Then I wandered in the maze(?!)

That lead to wandering in the night

I spent my time making _____(?)

Too girls, sole father, didn't want me at home


I had all that I needed in my soul

I had all that I needed, don't you know?

Love is all around, just open your eyes!

Love is all around, it don't wear a disguise

It don't wear a disguise, no no

It don't wear a disguise

(Verse 2)

So in order to just close the door (?!)

I can go back for more to where I met her before

Like seein' the wild crashing anyway (!?

Those haunting words that she said "go the fuck away"

"Go the fuck away" "Go the fuck away"


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