Vantrease - Stuntin lyrics

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Ft. Meach


I'm in that pimp lane, whole town missin'

Ridin' round, the whole block with me

Auto mall, been Chi pimpin'

And all the hoes can't stop lookin'

I'm stuntin' on that ass, stuntin' on that ass

I'm stuntin' on that ass, I'm stuntin' on that ass

I'm all the way turnt up in this bitch, ya know wassup

I got my niggas up in here, we fuckin' stunt

We all the way turnt up in this bitch and know wassup

Neva fall fo'eva (?!), now what you want?


My nigga, been turnt up since birth

Came out the room makin' hella noise

And now I'm in the A, I came from the Chi

Illa spot in Illinois

It's ours, transit, that light in the club

Yeah, smoke one with yo boy

Got these bottles poppin', whole club watchin'

Don't fuck with me and my hittas

Them boys'll burn yo whole block down

Yo bitch bad, I'mon' get 'er

Yes, she saw the whip when I touched down

You came all the way ova here tryna fuck one of my nigga gyals

Old fancy pants ass nigga, we don't fuck with new niggas

Oh, you got more ____(?)

Well come ova here n' get yoself sum' cold to drink


(verse 2)

Finish yoself, get stomped out

Security come, carry 'em out

Party ova, lights on

Errbody clear it out

Niggas still went from wheat, air it out

Parkin' lot, yeah, we feelin' that

Chi Town, real nigga

You get hit, that's yo business

This one game related

Whole hood saw the shit

They ain't give no statement

Back to my paper chasin'

Bread relation, next week do it again

Lappy boi team, all we do is win

Yeah, I'm fuckin' yo bitch

And I'm stuckin' her friend

When I'm done, I pass to my mans

Mastermind, I get after mine

U still trappin', I'm past yo grind

Niggas stole wiffin', I'm clappin' mine

On life


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