Vantrease - No Type (Remix) lyrics

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I ain’t got no type

Ain’t got no type x 2

Braking bitches bad, that’s the thing that I like

You ain’t livin’ life

Don’t live my life, just live yours

Cops with the lights, that’s the shit that we won’t like

I ain’t check no price,

Ain’t check no price x 2

About my wify thing, all the things that she likes

I live life

Don’t live my life, just live yours

And let my mamma tellin’ nigga

I ain’t livin’ right


Push down to it,

Showty you the shit

Flexing on the dick

You know what this is for

I just caught a fife, I just try to live

You just try to kiss and I don’t do that shit

Yeah I’m flexing and flipping this bitches

I’m working out with that stunnin’ on

I gave you that shit that you need, I fuck around, hit you

I’m standing up

Fucking that bottle, I’mma work that body, I’m tapping like it’s a snap

You with me just better be aware

This could get really but really don’t care

I’mma beat it like


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