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Trey Songz - How Could You Forget lyrics

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Ft. Pusha T

(Verse: Trey Songz)

Used to fall through in a car like 'baby, whatchya need?'

Ask me 'can I bring a friend in, got drinks, wanna eat, need weed?'

And now ya act like you don't have the time again

When anything I ask you, you would find a way


Don't ya miss a way a nigga had it?

Suckin' it and lookin' while I kiss it

Don't ya miss the time we was spendin'?

Baby, you was mine, you was wid it

Where he got ya hidin'? Tryna find you, babe

Cuz every time I'm callin', you declinin', babe


Oh, you ain't gotta tell me, I know

We'll never be the same as before

I can only tell ya how I feel right now

I miss on how ya feel right now

You can call when yo man ain't around

I got ya

Oh! How ya gonna act like that?

I just don't get it (don't get it)

Tell me, do he do it just like we did it?

Clock stopped tickin' cuz I ran outta minutes

I can't hear yo heart, is it sayin' that we're finished?

Baby, was the best!

How Could You, How Could You How Could You Forget?

(verse 2: Trey Songz)

In my streets you good, baby girl

He must be the man I neva was

No response, no reply every time I try to get through

So when you hear this on the radio, it's about you



(Verse 3: Pusha T)

(How soon we forget, it can't be ova)

(He gon' ask who taught ya that?)

We neva did this befo', you wasn't hittin' ignore

I had you tendin' on shows, you got the manage, you sure?

You got the manage, you sure?

He don't know you like I know you

He don't know you like em hoes do

He not supposed to, we was experimenting

We was just tryin' shit

That's just what young bitches been through

I makes you pretty, you was just hopeful

I was like diddy, you were my total

You were my Cassey, you were just local

Showed you the world, I made you global!


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