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Trey Songz - Flick lyrics

rate me


Isn't this moment so great?

Oh yeah, look into your lovely face and what you doin'

When we make whateva we makin', don't wanna say love

Cuz you so afraid of it

Befo' we do it again, I wanna know, yeah

If we can make this moment last fo'eva

Know that you are my star

I luv how you play yo part


I wanna make a movie with an all star cast

Baby, hold on, lemme get my flash

Move slow, move fast, oh, do it like that

We gon' make a movie, and we stickin' to the script

Bet yo old man ain't hit it like this

Gimme a lil kiss, we gon' make a lil flick

(Verse 2)

Girl, I luv yo frame, I'm about to zoom in

Time for things to change, positions? We need a new one

Look me over, hold it steadier

Make all 'em sexy faces you make when you take it all

Errtime you touch me, look right at this touchscreen

Be the nasty girl you are when no cares' is around

You're my nasty girl, you are, now go 'head and turn round

Cuz of now



Beautiful, babe, you've neva

I'm gone, I'm gone

Look at you, I'm rated the greatest

That's five stars

You're a natural, so glad I casted you

What a happy ending

We bout to cut it ____(?)

Run it back again


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