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Trey Songz - Don't Play lyrics

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All night I've been filling up ur cup

Dancin' on me while I'm feeling up ur butt

Aye girl it's on u, so what u want to do?

We can take it to the hotel room

Oh yeah she said she ain't looking for luv

I'm thinking that's what's up

Won't u come roll with a nigga?

Let's make this a night to remember

I want it right now, ripping off ur blouse

Last thing I want to hear is, 'slow down'

Starting to get wild, making sex sounds

Baby tell me if you're in or out


And girl don't play

Let a nigga know now if u gon' leave or stay

Cos' I got a lotta girls that would luv to take ur place

Girl it's getting too late and I ain't with these games

So girl don't play with me, don't play with me

Don't play with me, don't play with me

(Verse 2)

Ain't no need in playing when u know just what u came for

Kissin' on ur body and ur spot is what I aim for

Had ur mind made up, hope it don't change

From nothing in the future, ain't no fronting, all the bluffing

It's sumething like my third album, u ready

I'ma take u to Jupiter if u let me

I know this is our first time, don't stress it

I know u ain't a ho, or else I wouldn't go so low

I like that and u like that & I need that and u need that

You're luv hungry, I feed that, don't trip, baby, use ur lips, baby

Let's get crazy, go below my hips maybe

You luving, if u suck it, let's get nasty

I want to do everything that u ask me



Why would I be wrong if I

Thought u came here tonight to give me ur all

Don't want to talk, baby look at the time

Why would I be wrong if I'm

Tryin' to be patient but I don't want to wait

So I'm saying to u girl, don't wait



It's a lot of girls at the club we just left

You got my time, girl, don't u disrespect it

And if we ain't sexing, u sending the wrong message

Why u want to play with me? Why u want to play with me?

Why u want to play with me? Don't play with me!

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