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Trey Songz - Chill lyrics

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(Verse 1)

Can we get started? I just wanna turn you out,

We should leave this party, go some place where them clothes come off,

And I can see that body, shots got my head spinnin' round and round, (round and round)

How many drinks will it take me to getchu alone baby?


Cuz a girl like you, deserve affection when we sexiness,

It's a blessin' thachu came,

So when you come through, you, already know what's on my mind,

We ain't gotta waste no time


Come chill wit a nigga (yeah yeah)

Come chill wit a nigga (uh huh)

I know we both gone off the liquor (gone off the liquor)

But you should come chill wit a nigga (come chill baby, chill baby)

(Verse 2)

Bumpin, grindin', all on the floor

Know a nigga like that babe,

If you bout it, come and, ride it, girl

Fuck around and have my baby, yeah

I luv it when you fight back

Think I might wife that

Pussy got me goin' crazy




Bring it ova here, weed in here

Bring it ova here, I'll trecha right

You know that ya want to, baby

Tell me whachu gon' do, baby?

I got something thacha need

Baby, please, lemme give it to ya

Oh, baby, when I'm chillin' witchu

(Verse 3)

Chillin' wit a nigga, but yo clothes ova there

Chillin' wit a nigga, gotcha booty inn'a air

Chillin' wit me, you won't wanna leave

When a nigga go deep, Im'a make you sing

You'll go, all 'em lames in yo face

You ain't even gotta deal wit dem niggas

Keep it real wit a nigga



So Was-sup

And the last thing I wanna do is pressure you

It's no pressure, Just......

I mean we been kickin' it all night, we been vibin, it's...

Just feels right

So if you ain't got nun' else to do, or.....

If you cool wid it, I just.... you should come chill wit a nigga


I whipped in the car

We ain't getta go far

How do you wanna go?

Girl, come chill

And I been kissin' on yo neck

Rubbin' on yo thigh

Don't it feel right?


And now I gotchu thinkin' what?

What if you give it up?

Would he tear that pussy down?

Bet he beat dat pussy up!

Grabbin' on all that booty

Still this cutie thinkin' buuuut....

Mind like prolly, but that body sayn yup

She say come on, so we gone, we gon' play the crib

And if tomorrow neva came, she could say she did

I gotta literally feelin a nigga

So glad she came to chill wit a nigga...

Thanks to Call me D, IG: Onedbf for correcting these lyrics

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