The Four Owls

The Four Owls - The Four Elements lyrics

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Feat. DJ Sammy B-Side

You can find me at the big bang

Creating my galaxy where the stars hang

The origins are inconclusive

Don’t be deluded

This life is just flash

Just like the warm-up

I come before the actions

Accept, no

Imitations are the best grow

Bow at crystallization and let the ice flow

Time shows what you see in me when it’s over

I have heart a of a soldier

The reason why you don’t want to do

What they told you

My slang is young energy

Never let a nigga breathe

So you see what’s in me

Or react to the heat

Gives the force to my actions

So please I come so free

I’m not really manufactured

And I’m swooping out low

When it’s cold

Give me your whole power

Move your house ‘til it’s _______

From the North to the South

From the lungs to the laugh

I’m involved n the sound

And the reverberation’s out

Don’t interrupt the wind

But remain forever untained

It’ disastrous

The truth that you hide

But you know it will always get you

Horror film it’s when I’m getting stressed out

Pull out to my friends

And it will be nothing left

Trust me

You make the ground shake if you’re a narrator

The whistle from the Valley of the Blind and the Danger

I’m more powerful than the human armies

I’ll make the ship get size

I’m used to baptize

When the moon aligns

I’m reflecting like I’m cat sized

Any type of flame it’s decaying

From the strings to the river

Quick to deliver for

Minimals are life saving

Minnie life taken

I’m making fires and you can spill me

I can drown in the deepest sea

With temperatures below 0

We go in a huge freeze

Flows are incomparable

I’m left in the cycle

Evaporate me I’m gone

Foundation base from which we create life

They want just to fight and that tortures me

Forces in the air leaving everybody drawn to me

Blessed by the light

The keeper of the dark

With the secrets buried deep in my heart

Peaceful and powerful

This is the great way

Maintain late

Looking out for these strange days

But then when I do move

I make the play shake

If you’re standing in the building that I vacate

Infinite parts, yeah they want to learn more

Turn more corners

You will find what you learned for

The silent teaches you lies beneath

When your loved ones tell you goodbye

I’ll leave you

All came from me

And all shall return to me

It will be those elements

It will be those elements

It will be those elements

It will be those elements

It will be those elements

As we come to represent

As we come to represent

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