The Four Owls

The Four Owls - The Drama lyrics

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Shit happened, she have it but how am I to tell you

Slide for fixing lies, I’m playing wife for these extra medals

All I know it’s what I see and what my penis hold

But never satisfy jump shit on the gust and feel us

Will they serving us, some hinny feeling semi rightist

Thinking I don’t know what’s right but I though no wip does

Better lay up, I probably get stone

I wish I gave up as much as a fucker, my hand on us

But I don’t live in regrets on milli over

Screw up on throw it now on the right shoulder

With a feeling that’s fake can get baked and get paper

But if my soul is on this stuff, then ______(?)

Stuff Egyptian we’ll makin’

Some shit for ever on station, a bucker things hallucination

But the sun rises up from these constellations

All I got it’s the proves, fuck the excuses

Same shit, different thing like diluted


Fuck the drama, find me on both sides of karma

We finding lines on this leaf like we go fama

Deal with al;l the lava, try to find what get’s more

Pull on, I never play this favorite song,

Like Nevada use to sleep over perana

Know what she’ll be by, tell her everything is a secrets

And every one despite me

It’s more than like me but they seeing it and feel it

As this point she tryin’ now to changing it

You get answers even if you ain’t asking

Can’t pick the story in this drama like we all from plastic

Passports gonna miss and I’m laughing

The house gettin’ acting just check the neck for the night drive

With the entrapping, don’t know what I’mma track in

The oppose of relaxing, bring a lot of passion

This never will be fashion, this will be all around you

You see even the first type of leaf will lead down

(Hook) x 2

You can’t proved the drama, you go away accept it

Do you best for your love and get correct it

For all suspected or I I bring my head with

Against the world it make me numb but I’m still connected


I landed in that place, I was power, that shit was like

I was super man in the house make the grip tonight

I try to hide my thang and we will be wip the sky

Dark side taking over, snapping out just in time

It’s too easy picking up the middle habits,

Stay addicted to the drama like they telling ____(?)

In the cold with a pack all full and middle jacket

Let ‘em have it, baby got time to take just the madness

Fresh first great medication bout my head backwoods

Punch hoods even if I’m left with a stress fracture

We must doin’ it forever and a day

Desire lies and balls, the pleasure and the pain

It’s the journey, first weed and eventually and we game

So we cool and bring this question it should be send ‘em all away

You want some wild shit, in German you call shit

With some real shit it’s something we deal with

I’m doing more along, I do, I sing and I please my karma

I rip my friends and laugh from

No, no ends and drama,

We don’t mean no fence and fence

Let the ball to face and fall

Get it close for the consequences from after

What goes around come around

Have above so but low above hit and get

And leave ‘em all the pain, I feel it alive and leaving large

Dedicated to my final game ‘til my fire’s on

Act to fight and start, I see a flame and right come in and see it off now

Man makes a mark and define a lot from ______(?)

Shutting all in from the forest with the poison dark on

Always poise with the poise blood _____(?)

One love it’s to defending, your energy like a burning storm

Is true vision is an enemy with a truly _____(?)

From create a dream to have with what to start with

Then the lesson with let the dream, will jump many drops in

For hums it’s a real life, for anyone wil drop on

Taking on the sky and again and sending all these rocks on

Hustle serve and question how be waiting for

What’s your purpose? X 2


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