The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Silent Flight lyrics

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o, yo, yo, yo

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The four hours take in silent flight

They didn’t hear us approach, we viding in the night

And you can find me off in the field and split it

Spark bring my binocular field division

When we drop they ain’t flop with the better wisdom

Heading back to the top with the fairest vision

With the mic I tell ‘em , these rise to the challenge

And we ball and take in a different language

Slap bird like it’s timberlines

Hang between the trees til we swood, swood

They eyes back on game

Haters call us supreme, trappers but we braking up out the coop, coop

Am I habitat in the track subtending?

Fevers on my back, back and match the surroundings

Fines rush to the tours get crush

And my glow spin remain in the dust on the floor

The ice split graves here for years

Six bricks from the bep

And there’s children to feed and it’s nasty and wanna beat

Be born to be flying

So it’s only right I get the breeze

And we all screaming jehezee

From the trees rusting

Can’t take for looking fine

So it’s time to think

You hit the swoop

Behind lines, you wouldn’t get that passion

Talking to the blue prints

Put the stoke eye crash move

With a cash move like a lighting flash

We acting a position and bumping in the match

The mind is like the match but don’t see me in that

They starting in the mess but don’t start the shit back

That a fact I need grip and get it back

Don’t clap in, jump in front of floes and feet

That was sound like blocking

Defying with the big flight

Like it was arrow in the flit

Now my car like a jarrow when I speak

I let my hips swing on ...that quick

No undertose know I’m falling on this on

They were scheaming on the things that I couln’t get that (?)

Cuz that will mean that I (?) always have the most benefits

You miss be in my room

So I’m open to perfect on this

A nasty quick entrance and I bang all the benefits

Fell this on my face (?) this sound to get a igual

The rain just stumbling and my brain start housing

Afraid to put mention a order and now pronouncing now sorrow this

Now it’s to avoid, only getting all

I don’t give a player for come a hoer

Now here’s to a speech cuz my catch scream Freeze

Thinks deep, pallers and go back to

Doing for, doing back a target and snatch

Quick that trap on the track

This the rapture in the back floor

Four hour and we back,

From the (?) know what your

Now we call all guys in the area

The local war like changes, the things become scared of us

Even you thought I go shit and we attack paddle

You seeds to wings, let that signal live for Batman

Learn to swim, learn to chill when it’s hard time

Operate and by the moment give a fuck about the lime line

Just turn my head and tripping on the high spide

Just keep talking with my eyes when I keep saying that my lines fine

Stay illusion cuz we hungry and the backs feeding

Super right so even toughing with the gas bleeding

Fly, fly, that’s just the wings but my mind it’s focus

(?) I can keep bugging a flying local

Now we get burn I miss representive but still the greatest hum of the nature

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