The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Open Book lyrics

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Feat.Jam Baxter

Dreaming up the victory

Stallions stuck on the beat

When I’m banging them

And these objects are anonymous

The subjects comparing

If they open the passengers

And it must be bounced slow

Elevated prisons and they’re setting their mission

The irrelevance composed my cinnamons

I have a force

Like I’m living inside with my speech

Playing the horizon under my feet

Over sunset drawing up the things I’ve never done it

The jump away from the mess

And walk on the right side

Now this frame is silent

I have no regrets for being followed by my culture

On the paper there is a big cloud

I’ve got to start something

I feel the breeze burn

Dreaming , I can picture it

Feeling like an idiot

Spark isn’t happening

Dark and his _____

Then I break through the rule to the other side

Came to the page

And all I see is colors bright

Forced by the life

Seeing the world as I climb to the top shouting

Shouting in my room

I can be anywhere

Mind is resourceful

I spend my session with my feet 3,4,5

How impeccable?

It’s impeccable vanilla

I press the screen all over in the corner

And we sat there waiting for the devil to appear

Worlds in the distance

Collapsing and colliding

Burn from the building

I’ll meet you outside

Anything I rap comes to life

No joke

I have to turn the joke

He’s going insane

These words are coming from the book I recommend

The page looks like a black hole opening

On another level that recites from the heart

Everybody in there holds the key to the heart

That includes you too

What a fine way to start

I’ve been awake in my room

For the last 7 days

I’ve been playing the same truth

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