The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Motivation lyrics

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I couldn’t really give a fuck about the money

See, I do this with the love and passion to makes me hungry

Since a roaby lil kid on London tracks me the skock trees

Depended for albums of flying on other country

Denying with my brother the album is great, is mistery

Was born to make history, run and hate just twenty ten for every minute

Let’s take it and bool it literaly

Why? Cuz I live for creativity, I’m still just as hungry

I still can’t calm down,

Still got the fire bring my higher hit the beat as loud

Push up hungry until my blood and now the leaf is pounds

Wait the hitters and I fall the hit celebration

And that’s for sure cause the celebration

With anything left there’s only mean to your creation

Only in patient, a placemnet in a matrix giving statements to the nation,

On a daily base nsince this subrivation

Try for more lime cuz life will take us and get retarded to take us

You get this regarded like most favours

But we use to be all about the love life that gave us

But I’m inot dust like corners rave,

Really signing papers, next step like aligators

And every country like grime more conceding

Start to banging out the door like pissed off neighbours

But I love the hatres, they only make me circumstance

No like keep under, it’s the beat monster

With a hunch posture, caught your hand, there’s a pussy on your bromsta

One that broom sound let it gunsta

I talk about a million pouns to have more millions around is only letting as a fact

Boy yo0u try to play it safe, break brown,

As he know we making with snakes

Time goes stune like we break down

So tell me once more awhay vay is you

If you said fame we don’t hold the same view

Use to chase money now I’m not the same dude

We smok from the heart now I gotta stay truth

Are you let by desire boy? Let by fire inside to get higher, higher

Or are you let by a lie and how?

Is actually now pumping beat and let by your wier

Dressing black, made the test, mine is tight

You lift it all and try to walk all the steps of vagina

More hating by hatred and pray for distruction of Vuda, is sacrant

Many lot more ovation in the shapless paranoid, unable to face it,

Suddenly I’m hanging into love, I’m embrasing

No matter how roaf it’s a rain got it brave

Relax beat it, i paint that picture til you’ll see it

Out to be the store statue in the museum

A flame was lift, time is glip, under the glits til I split cuz I love this more

Sufferring from the posses yo runnin on extra _____(?)

You five devels are more and a heart this pure

Alwayse tip more, steal that will report, we’ll speeling on the floor

To keep it roll on the ten years more

Motivated by a force coast from nature,

I love tha haters they just jelous of they dedicat us

Never did this for the pennies or sold it out for the jennies

Alwyase just looking for the next twenty

I can’t stop it, not until they cut the break rolls

Never sure that will apreciated more of ethe crowds ______(?)

Shut up just into the door and put it the booting

This is a movment, the reward is to feel surving

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