The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Judgement lyrics

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Judge not less GP but people don't eva think

Lookin' down on others like a top floor resident

Makin' up their minds, not knowin' the 'fore facts

Rollin' their damn mistakes, then tryna fall back

Funny how you make a choice as a grown man

People try to take the law into their own hands

Confused vigilantes may be brainwashed

Judgement, but the pea starts when the hay stops

And I ain't judge without thinkin' the times I put the brakes on

Same song, same whack, same wrong

Tryna look deep see where your pain's from

And express mind through the canvas I paint on

Tryna nod spades, duckin' my waves

Cuz we too will be judged when we up in the frame

So I'm sane right now, I'm tryna keep an open mind

The bigger picture will become clear over time


(ARE YOU) Lookin' beyond the cover you see

Or judging me by the things the world made you believe?

(ARE YOU) Lookin' at the way that I dress

Or thinkin' of the co-response to the things in my head

(Verse 2)

Most hide from the truth and the past, they deligned

Couldn't judge themselves if they're the last man alive

Would you look down on me cuz of the place I reside

The money I provide, are we born in this divide

In your head you can hide till the day that you're resting

Always speakin' on others, neva askin' the question

What is it that you're hiding through the hate and projectings?

Wanna tell me how to live like somehow it's affectin'

The way that you're seein' it, people talk shit and they ain't meanin' it

After they've put out they stay redeemin' this

Set yo mind free from enforced day drivel

Everybody looking for covers like a single dance feature tour

If I'm judging you, then my ego's the jury

Whispering in my ear, always tryin' to deter me

Reassure me that you'll neva know my life's story

A first glance, take a chance, or please ignore me


(Verse 3)

Why they judgin'? They ain't God, this ain't judgement day!

Spattin' off the mat about other's lies everyday

Masking insecurities, they've always ever kept a-bay

Too deep to face it, they hate on others to escape

They won't get away with this, like they _____(?)

They're better off putting duct tape on their faces, lips

Think about their situation more before they take a piss

Everyone's a different place(?!), and there's different races

More acute about bringings, making different wages

But we're all the same inside the human races

Facing abomination across the nation

No mistaken other's choices, wanting consolation

Here's your consultation, be you or be me, that's perfect for our integration

That's forming elevation, don't ever judge others

Judge yourself and make changes


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