The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Feels Great lyrics

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Yeah, The Four Owls, uh, now ya know it feels good

Ah, 1 2 1 2, alright


Yeah, it feels great, it feels marvelous

A whole heap of people want a part of it

Tryna tap into it and tryna harness it

We stay funkier than Parliament

And I don't mean the British Government

Amongst some other shit, deeper than the covenant

To grab the CD you need an ovan mitt

I'm clubbin' with the two bad four

Among some old gym dug and shit

We livin' it and loving it right now

The ones with the glow and the lights out

Four Owls, bitch, great to be back up

Loud and we sent that ooze straight to the fans

Who support us as we travel across borders

It feels great when we recognize what's important

Yeah, my space mission was aborted

It came back to life with a bang, now I'm all in

(Verse 2)

I'm lovin' life so much, I can't contain it

Everywhere around the world, the tracks are hittin' playlists

Between the states like the state of isolation

It's great like the smiles upon the faces embracing

We're stayin' critic like the _________(?)

Forever in your memory like long lost faces

Got a piece of homage to the DJs, rappers, bakers

To the men that bought acres to see us rock stages

Appreciate in life of ways I really can't explain

It's beautiful, while I'm seein' things heading as I

Look to the stars, we be askin' the heavens questions

And gettin' answers, telepathically channeled the food of bars

Brush hate with the lovin', jealousy you trust, but you got a love hate

Cuz you can't change what was

We do this for the people with the real heart for hip-hop

It don't stop!

(Verse 3)

It's a great day, normally I sit and hide away

All the hate around lets me know what I need to say

My PC died, I can't make beats, I ain't backed that shit up for about 8 weeks

Hold my fam real close, but I rarely ever speak to 'em

Talk shit to Yes Man, I ain't eva that deep

Say it's bleached, convinced of these heart prospects

Most opinions are based on material objects

I walk around with a complex, taking life outta context

Them should call it in like bomb threats

But I run, son, Easter with someone

The cycle comes back to the start, just like a homerun

Learned to catch a few darts, and try to throw some

That can be a second account, you might know one

But the hate only breeds it, I'm livin' life a secret

While they tryna tell me not to speak it

(verse 4)

Family greeted on the route that's scenic

No competin', I just rode with a team that mean shit

Sea schemin' from the hazy glass we reekin'

But give a fuck, I'm eatin' crispy duck while my vibes peekin'

The crack means less sea stress, like a glad assess

Smoke you get less jokes with the next folk

I haven't got the answers but I'm thinking lets cope

All I need is [?] em beats and fresh [?]

Neva tehno, but bigger piff, that's what Max do

Original, I never bite or resurrect flows

I'm where the peng be the drink

Don't tempt me, makes me feel strengthy

When I lock my beans ova lengthy

Solar permanence, those few are far between overactin'

And imagination body harvest keen

I work for myself, fuck society

Sue me! I cheat on life with a pen and half a doobie

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